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Dr. Ahmed T. A. Gabroun

Dr. Ahmed T. A. Gabroun


  • المؤهلات العلميّة:
    • MBBCH
    • MRCP
    • MRCPS
    • PGDHM
    • SMBA
    • FAHA

He is a specialist cardiologist who started his career in 1994, after he graduated from Medical University in Tripoli, Libya. He obtained his membership from the Royal College of Physicians in UK and Scotland. He went on to obtain his Certificate and Diploma in Health Care Management in 2008. His other educational qualification SMBA from Metropolitan School in London of Business and Management.

He is a Middle East regional faculty member and a member and a fellow of the American Heart Association since 2003 and he is a professional associate since 2010.

He is the faculty doctor for the final year Cardiology department at Dubai Medical College. And he is an Associate Professor in MBRU.

His achievements include cardiac rehabilitation program & echo-on-line projects which helped in quality improvement for the department in Rashid Hospital.

His specialty interests are ischemic heart disease, hypertension management, cardiac non-invasive diagnostic procedure, and preventive cardiology.

Dr. Gabroun is into teaching and research work, and has several publications to his name. Has made several presentations in national and international meetings and published research articles in peer reviewed journals. His interests further extend to quality management and health care accreditation.

الخبرات المهنيّة:

  • Cardiology and Vascular Consultation
  • ECG (Short and Long Rhythm)
  • 2D Echocardiogram
  • Treadmill Stress Test
  • Dobutamine Stress Test
  • 24 Hours BP Monitor
  • 24 Hours ECG Monitor (Holter)
  • Event Recorder for Arrythmia Vascular (Arterial and Venous) Ultrasound

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