We have the leading back pain doctors in Dubai. Back pain specialists at Burjeel Hospital Dubai know that this is a condition that can affect both children and elderly and that the symptoms may range from sudden or acute pain, subacute ache or chronic pain. Acute backpain lasts for a few days. Subacute pain may continue for up to six weeks but less than 3 months, while chronic pain is persistent backpain lasting for 3 months or more. Cases of backpain do not all require treatment but a back pain doctor may recommend or perform medical intervention if the pain persists for more than several days.

Causes of back pain

Common causes of backpain include:

    • Spine related conditions such as problems in the spinal joints, discs, muscles and nerves. Examples of typical spinal problems are slipped discs, bulging discs, degenerative disease of the discs, inflammation of the sacroiliac joint, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis (a spinal bone has moved forward and is out of place).
    • Accidents and injuries such as a fall, car accident or sports accident, spinal or vertebral facture, muscle strain or sprain, and spasms caused by torn tendons or muscles in the lower back.
    • Health and lifestyle habits such as being hunched at your desk daily, carrying heavy objects, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight and smoking.
    • Stress and emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression.
    • Stress and emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression.
    • Stress and emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression.

Back pain treatment

At Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, we have a dedicated back pain clinic in Dubai providing high quality medical care to patients suffering from backpain. We specialize in non-invasive and surgical treatment for backpain.

During your initial appointment with our back pain specialist in Dubai, you will be thoroughly assessed to determine the specific cause of your backpain and to provide the most effective treatment procedures. Methods of treatment may include medication, physical therapy, surgery and complementary therapies including osteopathy and chiropractic treatment.

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