The Pharmacy provides a comprehensive array of pharmacy services with the overall aim of ensuring safe, effective and economical use of medicines throughout the Trust as well as supporting education, training and promoting research.

Services Available

  • Inpatient Pharmacy Services.
  • Review and supply of inpatient medication orders.
  • Optimization of inpatient medications to ensure the right medication is prescribed for the right patient at the right dosing regimen, and that drug interactions and side-effects are identified and monitored.
  • Dispensing of discharge prescriptions.
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Services.
  • Medication dispensing and patient counseling.
  • A range of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, first-aid items & surgical stockings.
  • OTC Medicine Counseling for walk-in customers.

Pharmacy service are provided 24/7/365 for inpatients and outpatients in optimum time frame.

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