The shoulder is a complex joint that enables the rotation of the arm over a very wide axis. It allows you to place your arms across, to the side, above, and even behind your body. That is why shoulder injuries can have an enormous impact on our everyday lives.

If you are dealing with a shoulder injury and are in need of shoulder surgery, schedule an appointment with a shoulder specialist in Dubai, here at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery – the trusted name in specialised surgical treatments in Dubai and the UAE.

How to Know if You Need Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery is not the immediate and only recourse for shoulder problems. Depending on the severity of the case, non-surgical methods are often recommended before resorting to surgery. In order to determine the severity of the case and the appropriate approach for it, early and correct diagnosis is essential.

That is an area where our experts at Burjeel excel. We treat every case with careful attentiveness and medical professionalism. To ensure we provide our patients with treatment personalised to their needs, we assign a dedicated shoulder specialist in Dubai to each case we handle. Your dedicated shoulder specialist will conduct a detailed evaluation of your medical history, family, and personal background to build your medical profile.

Based on your medical profile, your shoulder specialist will determine whether your shoulder problem requires shoulder surgery, and if it does, which type is appropriate.

We at Burjeel specialise in two types of shoulder surgery:

  • Shoulder Joint Replacement – is performed in cases where the cartilage is severely damaged, causing the upper part of the humerus to come in direct contact with the socket of the scapula. In this procedure, the damaged cartilage tissue is replaced with artificial prostheses, thus preventing bone-on-bone contact.
  • • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement – this is a specialised procedure done in cases of rotator cuff tear arthropathy, a condition where a patient has both shoulder arthritis and a rotator cuff tear.

World-class Medical Care from a Recognised Shoulder Specialist in UAE

With Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, you can rest assured your health is in excellent hands. Our medical centre is fully equipped to handle cases requiring specialised surgical treatments. We have a team of highly trained, accomplished medical specialists backed by cutting-edge medical equipment. Furthermore, we have professional medical support staff to provide assistance to our specialists.

That is why we are confident we can provide the best quality service to our patients in Dubai and the UAE.

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